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race (she is black) and of youth (she is eighteen yea
of age).
Unhappily I must report that this individual, Ella Th
has proved to be more capable than anticipated, displ
quite astonishing level of initiative and determinati
Once inside the Demi-Monde, she formed an alliance wi
Dupe named Vanka Maykov, a glib Russian psychic, and
Burlesque Bandstand, an amoral petty criminal. Thomas
by her confederates, located and rescued Norma Willia
escaping with her into the Warsaw Ghetto.
The ForthRight Army attacked the Ghetto with the aim
recapturing Williams, only to be repulsed by the Poli
Army led by Lady Trixiebell Dashwood, an English girl
dedicated to the overthrowing of UnFunDaMentalism. Ho
thanks to the valiant efforts of the SS-Ordo Templi A
StormTroopers, Warsaw has now been taken and Norma Wi
is once again in our power.
Unfortunately, Ella Thomas remains at large and has
continued to be a thorn in our side. By hacking into
she was able to open the previously impenetrable Boun
Layer that surrounds the Demi-Monde, allowing three m
rebels to escape Warsaw and certain annihilation. For
she has been venerated as a Messiah by impressionable
elements within the Demi-Monde, and has been given th
honorific the Lady IMmanual. The assassination of Ell
Thomas is now a major priority.
However, despite these minor setbacks, I do not belie
there has been any material impact on the timetable s
for the Final Solution. The Rite of Transference has
completed and Aaliz Heydrich is now in the Real World
and soon all Demi-Mondians will be under the control
Reinhard Heydrich.
The Grand Council should be in no doubt that the achi
of the Final Solution is now in our grasp.
I remain Your Humble Servant,
Professor Septimus Bole