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The Demi-Monde: 1st Day of Spring, 1005
It has recently been recognised (see my own
Charismatics: The Invisible Enemy
) that there is a small coteri
of men – perhaps no more than twenty in the whole
the Demi-Monde – who are immune to all blandishment
and attempts to modify their brutish behaviour. But sma
though this sinister and recalcitrant subclass is, it is ver
potent, for its constituents, by their perverted nature an
gross amorality, present a morbid threat to the ideal
which govern the Quartier Chaud and endanger the ver
existence of those charged by ABBA, by rank and by abilit
with the execution of such governance. These abomin
tions I have named Dark Charismatics.
Letter dated 53rd day of Spring, 1002, from Professeur Mich
de Nostredame to Doge Catherine-Sophi
Beau nichon!
Examining herself carefully in her looking glass, Od
Aroca decided that she made quite a striking Liberté. That
stood tall and proud (as Liberté should), that she was str
and powerful (as Liberté had to be, though Odette doubted t
Liberté had developed her muscles hauling meat to and f
her market stall in Les Halles) and that the breast she
exposed was full and plump, all meant that she was the li