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When she marched with her UnScrewed sisters on the Bast
she would certainly look the part.
Odette took a moment to adjust the Phrygian cap sitting
her head. She hated the cap: it was shapeless and floppy
reminded her of a bed cap. It also, annoyingly, hid muc
what Odette believed to be her best feature – her long, c
chestnut hair – and, being by nature a pragmatist, Odette k
that she wasn’t a particularly good-looking woman – even
mother could only be persuaded to call her homely – so
had to make the most of what paltry blessings ABBA had re
tantly bestowed on her. Unfortunately, the cap refused
cooperate and despite all her efforts at rearrangemen
continued to sit on her head looking like a partially me
Still, her robe was good. The word that had come down f
the leaders of the UnScrewed-Liberation Movement was that
the assault on the Bastille, all demonstrators should wear a l
flowing robe in virgin white, this to signify their refusa
indulge in sexual activities until Jeanne Deroin and Alié
d’Aquitaine were freed and the
lettres de cachet
ordering t
imprisonment revoked. Moreover, the instructions
continued, the robe had to be cut so that the right breast –
it had to be the
breast, the UnScrewed Committee mem
were devils for detail – was unsheathed. ‘Tempting
Untouchable’ was to be the UnScreweds’ catchphrase, and
a woman like Odette this was good news. She regarded
breasts as her second- and third-best features, having, as
often remarked upon by her admirers – many of her regretf
admirers – big breasts. But then Odette was a
woman, so it was natural that she should have breasts to m
her great height and her equally great girth. Still, never b