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The Most Secret Order of Grigo
2nd August 2018
I present to the Grand Council of The Most Secret Ord
Grigori this report on the progress made in achieving
Final Solution.
As the Grand Council knows, a key element in this end
has been the creation of the world’s first quantum co
ABBA, an engine of immense processing power. ABBA’s p
has, in turn, enabled us to develop the Demi-Monde, t
most sophisticated virtual world ever conceived. To m
the Demi-Monde’s true purpose, we have persuaded the
military to adopt the simulation as a training ground
their neoFights.
A brief description of the Demi-Monde is, perhaps, in
This cyber-milieu, technologically constrained to the
1870, is populated by thirty million cogent and
self-motivated digital duplicates (‘Dupes’), these Du
being simulacra of selected living people. This Dupe
population is divided between the Sectors of the Demi
in such a way as to emphasise inter-Sectorial antipat
hence mimic the discontinuous and disharmonious ambia
the Real World. A coterie of PreLived über-Dupes incl
inter alia, Reinhard Heydrich, Aleister Crowley and
Lavrentii Beria, have been seeded into the Demi-Monde
presence rationalised to the US military by the need
provide neoFights with a hi-Level Adversarial Leaders
Threat. Additionally, and for reasons obvious to the
Council, Dupes in the Demi-Monde exhibit a need to fe
blood; again, this idiosyncrasy is explained to the U
military as a disharmonic necessary to heighten
inter-Sectorial tensions.
The five Sectors of the Demi-Monde are:
T_H_E__R_O_O_K_E_R_I_E_S_: the population drawn from London, B
and Washington; the common language English; the d
religion the faux-fascist UnFunDaMentalism.