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T_H_E__Q_U_A_R_T_I_E_R__C_H_A_U_D_: the population drawn from Pari
Rome, Venice and Barcelona; the common language Fr
the dominant religion the unfettered hedonism of
T_H_E__C_O_V_E_N_: the population (with the gender mix ske
towards females) drawn from Tokyo, Beijing and Ran
the common language Chinese; the dominant religion
extreme feminism of HerEticalism.
N_O_I_R_V_I_L_L_E_: the population (with the gender mix ske
in favour of males) drawn from Cairo, Istanbul, De
ZuluLand; the common language Arabic; the dominant
religion HimPerialism, which preaches male suprema
all things.
There is also a faux-Jewish diaspora in the Demi-Mond
these Untermenschen known as the nuJus.
Since the Demi-Monde was activated some five years ag
Reinhard Heydrich, with our assistance, has taken con
of the Rookeries and Rodina to create the ForthRight.
estimate is that Heydrich will achieve pan-Demi-Mondi
dominance by the end of Fall 1005 (by Demi-Mondian
reckoning), this coinciding with the enactment of the
Final Solution.
Six months ago the Grand Council authorised the comme
of the next phase of the Demi-Monde Project and, in
furtherance of this, Norma Williams, the vain and hea
daughter of the US President, was lured into the Demi
The abduction of Williams gave us the opportunity to
her in the Real World with Aaliz Heydrich, the daught
Reinhard Heydrich. As the Grand Council is aware, hav
Aaliz Heydrich masquerading as Norma Williams will pr
us with unprecedented opportunities to create the con
necessary to execute the Real World aspects of the
Final Solution.
As anticipated, the US military and the US President
somewhat exercised by the virtual entrapment of Norma
Williams and demanded the girl be rescued. As they ar
labouring under the mistaken belief that the Demi-Mon
now sealed to the Real World, it was simplicity itsel
persuade them that only one person was able to enter
Demi-Monde to search for the girl. To ensure this res