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Once again Archie Clement hawked and spat into the gu
‘No, Witchfinder, ah have been ordered by His Holiness Comr
Crowley to return with the Daemon alive, so best we be a
before the crows start to circle. Chances are that witch
Hari will be all of a lather to rescue the Daemon.’
The Witchfinder saluted. ‘As you will, Comrade Colonel,
He turned and stabbed a grimy finger towards two of his
‘You there, take up the Daemon, and be sharp about it.
shut your ears to her blabbing. This one is a temptress, a
in the Lilithian skills that ensnare the hearts and minds of
unwary and of the weak.’ The Witchfinder paused as tho
struck by a thought. ‘Indeed, it may be best if the Daemon
rendered dumb.’ He stepped forward; Norma saw him twirl
cane in the air and slam the knobbled handle hard against
side of her head. She felt a searing pain, then everything