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The Real World: 12 June 2018
The Demi-Monde ® is the first simulation product ever to b
platformed on and operated by the ABBA quantu
computer. ABBA is a Quanputer-based system developed an
operated by ParaDigm CyberResearch Limited. ABBA, by uti
ising an Invent-TenN ® Gravitational Condenser incorp
rating an Etirovac Field Suppressor ® , is the only compute
to achieve a full SupaUnPositioned/DisEntangled Cybe
Ambiance. As a consequence ABBA is capable of prodigiousl
rapid analysis (a fully tethered 30 yottaQuFlops) to give th
bioNeural-kinetic engineers at ParaDigm access to almo
unlimited processing power.
The Demi-Monde ® Product Description Manua
14 June 201
Tap, tap, tap, went the General’s pencil.
Jeez, that’s a habit that could get right up your ass.
The guy was obviously mega-tense, which was odd beca
it was Ella who was being interviewed for the gig. It was
who had exactly twelve dollars in her pocket and rent of f
dollars due tomorrow. It was Ella who would be living on
pie for the rest of the week.
And more to the point it was the General who was as
all the questions. But oddly he was the one who was upti